Knowledge is power. To scrutinize others while avoiding scrunity oneself is one of the most important forms of power. —Frank Pasquale, The Black Box Society
The fundamental misunderstanding is that you can hide a piece of information. It’s the pattern that you want to show or hide, not the individual data point. —comment on

XKeyWhore likes to mention this thing: the "Marianas Deepest/Darkest Web." I will preface my free-associating by noting that spooky quantum stuff is over my pay grade. But whatever's going on here is probably more like old-fashioned PROMIS hijinks.

Likewise for the occult dimension, as it strikes me that the astral plane is often depicted as a kind of database (whereas the "mental plane" is to a certain extent beyond subject/object dualities). That idea has been explicated in fiction, specifically Cyber Way.

  1. Precedent (for Misuse of Government Networks)
Authorized users of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's National Crime Information Center misused the network's information. Such misuse included using the information to, for example, determine whether friends, neighbors, or relatives had criminal records, or inquire about backgrounds for political purposes. —Information Security and Privacy in Network Environments

The FBI's Sensitive Compartmented Information Operational Network (SCION) which is the substrate for programs like Proton/Crisscross and likely ties into things like NetOps' Global Information Grid—though it's hard to tell just how porous the gap is between military and federal networks.

Sources say the FBI is running Honeypot websites on the Deep Web. They are all pedophile related material. This is where they gather their manpower from. They will all keep silent since there is no way they can talk about their activity. It acts as a buffer. —Annoyed to Death