Shana Basa: most likely an FBI informant, but certainly a comedienne, who goaded me with white-power riffs, calling me "peckerwood." Residing in Vancouver, Washington, and originally from Saipan. Date of birth: (helluva year). Miss Basa participates in organized stalking and entrapment scenarios. Bad choice of career: Shana the Chamorro Witch needs her own TV show, if you ask me.

Shana Luene Basa

Rabbit-hole notes: An arrest record from 2017 has Shana Luene's last name as "Basa-Inos." That sticks out because of Perry B. Inos, who's on the Supreme Court of the Northern Mariana Islands, and is said to be connected to a woman from Saipan with an unlucky surname (see USA v. Annette Basa). From a Guamblog article:

"It was during a recent trial," the Gb source relates, "that there was discovery received from Annette Basa. She pimped the underage working girls." The source alleges the existence of photos showing Inos cavorting with the minor-aged sex workers.