Shana Basa: oh, boy, here we go. Residing in Vancouver, Washington, hailing from Saipan—date of birth: . Internet searches on "Basa" in conjunction with "Saipan" bring up the federal court case of USA v. Annette Basa. From the PDF:

In exchange for money and drugs, Defendant Annette Nakatsukasa Basa provided housing for two 15-year-old girls and facilitated their having sex with adult men. Defendant pleaded guilty to sex trafficking of children, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1591(a)(1). The district court sentenced Defendant to a term of 210 months in prison; she appeals that sentence pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 1291 and 1294.

Furthermore, the case brought out some of Annette Basa's personal history:

At sentencing, Defendant presented evidence that she suffers from significantly reduced mental capacity because of her intellectual disability, exacerbated by post-traumatic stress disorder resulting from her own history of sexual abuse.

Interesting—from this, and other search results, I started drawing some parallel lines:

  1. Annette Basa pimped underage girls. Shana Basa stated to me that she had previously run girls, but went on to procure male prostitutes, because of her business relations that "pay more for boys." She also said that she had worked for a car-theft ring, prior to her license being suspended.
  2. Shana Basa, as she told me, is from Saipan. An article from the Saipan Tribune—"Some cops sexually abused Basa in her youth"—described Annette Basa as "a 36-year-old woman." That article was published on , at which time Shana Basa would've been—oh, yeah: thirty-six.

  3. Shana Basa is a readily likable, attractive perp, who goaded me with white-power riffs, calling me "peckerwood." It wouldn't surprise me if Annette Basa is a similar character—her "intellectual disability" aside. Shana Basa is differently-abled, to be sure, in the way of being amoral.

  4. Annette Basa provided two 15-year-old girls to a former firefighter. Shana Basa—when we were taking a walk in Portland—pointed out a Fire Department window decal on a pickup truck, saying, "See? That's how you know—those are the right kind of people."

But my favorite bit is this: an arrest record from 2017 has Shana's last name as "Basa INOS." That sticks out because of Perry Inos, who's on the Supreme Court of the Northern Mariana Islands. Is there some connection between him and Annette Basa? Surprise—yes. From a Guamblog article:

"It was during a recent trial," the Gb source relates, "that there was discovery received from Annette Basa. She pimped the underage working girls." The source alleges the existence of photos showing Inos cavorting with the minor-aged sex workers.

Now, when you put together all these subtle correlations, it doesn't add up to "proof" of anything. But I could surmise, with better than even-odds probability—even if I can't prove it to myself—that Shana Basa and Annette Basa are the same person. This would mean that Annette Basa—rather than serving her prison sentence of 17.5 years—is an FBI-sanctioned operator, who participates in gang stalking and entrapment scenarios. That's some shitty work, but it probably beats prison any day.