There's no shortage of primers, in writing and otherwise, on what gang stalking is. The harder question is: what does it mean? It means, for one thing, that the modern economy is dependent on sorcery. And by sorcery, in this context, I mean any form of fine-grained social control that goes beyond mere "law enforcement," and comprises a range of covert manipulation techniques, one example of which is the double binding mechanism.

Because the global economy deals with people as commodities, who are catalogued and tracked via secret databases, there needs to be a veneer of plausible deniability, even if it's an open secret by now. ("Oh, of course you're a free agent, not a commodity.") In a sense, we live in a staged reality, the purpose of which is to eclipse the authentic reality. The world is a LARP: it is not "for real" in the way that it purports to be, but a distraction from the underlying reality.

This is what we call "normal." Another day, another cover-up. JFK was a one-time deal; this is continuous. It's embedded in the social fabric. So the global middle class is complicit in human trafficking, and it doesn't occur to them that the middle class itself is probably slated for extinction. They're not exactly far-sighted.

Anyone who sees through the smokescreen—who becomes aware, even subconsciously, of being in this scripted reality—is going to be targeted. The gang-stalking apparatus is activated. It's a rich cast: pear-shaped goons, community-theater rejects, etc. And it's their show. If you're targeted, then people will say things to you that don't make sense, because they're looking at a scoreboard that you can't see. You can try to mind your own business, but they won't let you, because that would ruin the game. The Cult of Control is a big tent, and yet everyone can't be in on it. Then there would be no one left to scam.

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