From: Manuel Angel Gomez
Subject: Invalid page fault running Allegro Lisp
Message-ID: <01bc3dee$871bfb40$736ae0c2@mag>
I am getting the "Invalid page fault (caused by LISP.EXE)"
error running Allegro Common Lisp (Proffesional 3.0 version). 

Sometimes it happens loading Allegro. Most
of the times I get the error when I am trying to load a big
application called Loom. Sometimes at the beginning,
sometimes in the middle, sometimes at the end... 
But I really can not load the entire application. Never. 

I have a P-200 with 32 Mb. RAM and Win-95

The funny thing is that I put all the programs in an old
486 with 8 Mb of RAM and Win-95 and I have no errors.
It works OK. (If you don't mind waiting for an hour until
the entire application is loaded).

Can anybody tell me how can I fix this error? (If you 
need more information please mail me)

I'll really appreciate your help.