From: Marco Antoniotti
Subject: Re: Why lisp failed in the marketplace
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> >> [1] Re: "Why lisp failed in the marketplace"
> >And those who believed to the contrary, like Lucid and Symbolics, are 
> >dead, dead, dead.
> Lucid is dead because their C++ projects failed and wasted so much
> money that the Lisp business (which was profitable) couldn't save
> them.

This has been pointed out many times.  I like to add that the demise
of Lucid because of their C++ Energize failings is the effect of the
most contrived strategy that the evil forces of the C/C++ camp have
devised to attack our beloved parenthesis :) :) :)

Jokes apart, the story with Lucid and C++ IMHO shows that their
business model (sell a big programming environment for tons of bucks)
was not very sound in the given C/C++ market at that time.  I would go
even further and point out that this is a legacy of the whole AI/Lisp
business practices of the 80's and IMHO the single main hinderance to
the spreading of Lisp and related software systems.

Of course, whether a radical change in marketing policies would now
change the situation is still to be debated.

Marco Antoniotti - Resistente Umano