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                 The Premiere Site on the Internet for EXTREME NET TOOLZ,
                Internet Relay Chat (IRC) help, and Newsgroup help without
                                       the clutter!

                    A large group of irc operators and newsgroup gurus
                     have tested and evaluated the best internet toolz
                           and HERE are their choices to become
                                   an EXTREME Net user!


                              All of this software is FREE!!
                            It is either shareware or freeware!


                Best newsgroup reader: Free Agent!...Freeware!!!
                Best chat software: mIRC 4.72!...Shareware!!!
                Become your own FTP site! WAR-FTP 1.55 ....Freeware!!!!
                Fastest jpeg\gif viewer ACDSEE!...Shareware!!!
                Best E-Mail Program Eudora Lite 3.01!...Freeware!!!
                Winzip 6.2 takes the chore out of these zip
                CuteFTP 1.8 makes "browsing" FTP sites a
                Fastest Web Browser Netscape 3.01!...Shareware!!!

                   (�`�.(�`�.!�!BOSnet: Voted The MOST EXTREME Internet

                   Great Page for Extreme Net Toolz! All listed software
                               Get Extreme `Net Toolz here!

                 Great Help Page for IRC!!! Fserve, Flood Protection, New
                                       IRC Servers!
                                      IRC Help here!

                Great Help Page for News Groups! How To Do It! Big List of
                                      Public Servers!
                                   Newsgroup Help here!

                  This information provided so that we may all enjoy the
                           Internet, IRC, and Newsgroups better!

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