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Subject: AutoConnect for Electrical Engineers and Designers
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Download a free demo version of AutoConnect Standard Now!


AutoConnect Pro is a powerful data capture and manipulation program
designed primarily for Electrical Engineers and Designers. It runs
under Windows 3.1, Windows95, or Windows NT and takes as it�s input, a
DXF (r12 or r13) file produced from a Wiring Diagram, Circuit, Wiring
Schematic, or indeed any drawing or diagram that involves multiple
connections of some kind. It scans the DXF file and extracts the
necessary data, along with any additional user defined information to
compile a connectivity report. It also references a parts database of
equipment and end terminations maintainable by the user, to
automatically allocate specific items such as end terminations
according to wire size and connection type. The list can then be
viewed or edited with the WLS editor and saved as a tab delimited
database file.

Combined with a Database Application, such as Microsoft Access,
AutoConnect gives the user the capability of automatically maintaining
a powerful master database to provide Hook-Up Charts, that is to
extract records of all wires on a particular job, drawing, circuit
board, piece of equipment, plug  etc. for current or past projects.
AutoConnect will even process your existing drawings with a few minor
modifications. AutoConnect also includes utilities to update the parts
database and to automatically schedule updating of the master
database. These are features normally found only on proprietary CAD
systems developed at great cost, by large organizations primarily for
in house use.

AutoConnect is the ideal solution for Designers and Engineers who are
disappointed with the support for Electrical Design on PC based CAD
packages, but wish to maintain AutoCad compatibility, or who need the
power of proprietary CAD systems without the development costs and
necessary resources.

AutoConnect Standard contains all the features of AutoConnect Pro
except the database features. You can download a demo version of
AutoConnect Standard which will show how easy it is to fully automate
the process of producing connectivity charts and loom documentation
automatically from wiring diagrams, circuits etc.


JRB Software