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Subject: Effective Algebraic Topology Program.
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  The EAT program (EAT = Effective  Algebraic Topology) implements the
general ideas of Effective Homology in the particular case of ITERATED
LOOP SPACES.  It  is a  joint work  by  Julio Rubio (Zaragoza  Univ.),
Francis Sergeraert and Yvon Siret  (Fourier Inst., Grenoble).  See the
paper "The Computability Problem in Algebraic Topology" in Advances in
Mathematics, 1994, vol.  104, pp 1-29. Various reprints and preprints
can be found at the web site below.

  The  program   and  its (new)  current  documentation   (140 pp) are
available  at You  can use the netscape
or an equivalent facility. You can also use  the ancient anonymous ftp
procedure  (ftp When  you are ftp-logged at
this site, go to the directory ~ftp/pub/EAT.

  The program EAT   works under any  Common-Lisp implementation  (GCL,
Allegro (Unix or Windows-95),...).  The  readme file  and the  (Tex or
PostScript)   mathematical included documentation  give the  necessary
instructions  for  installation  and use. The   documentation contains
essentially  numerous simple examples  allowing  one to understand how
the various available Lisp functions can be utilized. This program can
also  be  used for     practical  work in algebraic    topology and/or
homological  algebra:    construction  and   use  of simplicial  sets,
simplicial complexes, chain complexes, computation of homology groups,
and so on.

  Send questions, comments and suggestions to:


                                     Francis Sergeraert

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