From: Dom. Early
Subject: XLISP-STAT: Can I change standard font?
Message-ID: <>

I am using XLISP-STAT and am building a system which uses an embedded high
level language, as part of my PhD research.  I would like to be able to use
non-standard characters and am wondering if it is possible to easily change
the default font used by the system?  I am using a PowerMac with XLISP STAT
3.48b, and had thought about hacking the system file to modify the font at a
system level but would much rather something less hacky.  If you can think
of a cross platform solution all the better!

I am also trying to construct some complex dialog boxes under XLISP-STAT, if
anyone has any examples I would be very greatful for some sample code.  A
particular problem I am having at the moment is with list-item-proto's.  I
override their :do-action method to do something but this method is not
called when I single click on the list-item-proto, only when I double click
on it.  Is this (dare I say it!) a bug or a deliberate feature?  I just
think it strange when the parameter list for the standard :do-action method
is as follows do action(&optional dbl-click) which has a boolean parameter
indicating whether it is a double-click or not, yet the method is only
called on a double click, making the parameter redundant!

What can I say about XLISP-STAT, its a great system, cheers Luke T. & co!


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