From: Jens Skakkebaek
Subject: Common Lisp Programmer Wanted
Message-ID: <>
We're looking for an expert Common Lisp programmer to help with
implementing a system for prototyping formal methods applications.
Here is the official advertisement:

DESCRIPTION: Computer Systems Lab (CSL) in the Computer Science
Department is seeking an expert Common Lisp programmer to support a
research project to develop formal verification tools in a
mixed-language environment.  Responsibilities to include implementing
parts of the system, investigating and improving performance of
existing Lisp systems, implementation of interfaces to C and C++
libraries using foreign function interfaces, assisting in design of
the system architecture, and providing guidance to implementers
(e.g. graduate students) with less Common Lisp experience.

QUALIFICATIONS: B.S./M.S. (Master's degree preferred for C07 level) in
Computer Science or related discipline, plus 2-5 years (C06) or 6-12
years (C07) related experience or equivalent combination of education
and experience. Successful applicant will have in-depth knowledge and
extensive experience implementing efficient Common Lisp code, and
excellent programming skills in Common Lisp and experience with C or
C++ programming on Unix. Experience should include working on a
multi-programmer implementation project. Previous experience with
formal logic or theorem-proving systems would be useful, but is not
required. Send resume and at least three references to Professor David
Dill, Computer Science Dept., Stanford University, Stanford, CA
94305-9030 either by FAX at 415/725-6949 or e-mail at
ยทยทยทยท (e-mail preferred).