From: Holger Schauer
Subject: Re: Why lisp failed in the marketplace
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>>"HB" == Henry Baker schrieb am Thu, 20 Feb 1997 18:46:22 GMT:

 HB> Excellent point!  Such a class usually uses a really bad (slow)
 HB> implementation of Lisp, and no decent parenthesis matching
 HB> editor.  Lisp has come a long way from 1965, which is the kind of
 HB> Lisp those courses teach.

This is probably the more important point. When I first saw Lisp it was
Xlisp on an MS-DOS system with an editor which had no support for Lisp
in any way. The environment was really bad - I hated the lots of
parentheses and had troubles seeing any structure in lisp code.
Of course the teacher did a rotten job, too: what he pinned on the
blackboard had no structure either. And he started explaining conses but
without any prior explanation of the philosophical (or any other)
differences to the procedural languages we had learned before.

At that time I though Pascal was great, ... sigh.

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