From: Chris Bitmead
Subject: Re: Foreign Functions (was Re: Why lisp failed in the marketplace)
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In article <····················> ········ (Martin Cracauer) writes:

>>Also, C seems to be a common denominator for most languages. If you
>>can talk to C, most likely you can talk to anything via C.
>This is a common misunderstanding.
>In pratice, you usually cannot mix two languages that both interface
>to C, because of incompatible behaviour of runtimes (GC, threads,
>stack-handling in general), object creation policy and such.

If two languages both have a C interface, and reasonable hooks, then
you can always glue them together somehow. It may not be easy, and it
may require work, but it can always be done. You may have to use
mutexes around calls to the foreign language for example.

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