From: Cedric Rossi
Subject: Lisp AI in a C game
Message-ID: <>
	Sorry, I think "combining C an Lisp" have just been discussed in this
group, but I've only got the end of the thread.
We'll I'm planning to do my PhD in a video games corporation, writing
the AI part. Of course, all the staff is programming in C. 
Is this possible for me to write my stuff in lisp, without having them
mind about it ? 

	I don't think foreign functions calls would do the task, because I
won't have to "call them", except to get inputs (position of the
players, state, etc...) and give them output, and I don't want
(well... I think THEY wouldn't want to call me).

Some say a lisp to C compiler would do it ?

Others talk about IPC mechanisms, but point out that it will probably
be slow ?

And others again say I should write a lisp interpreter in C ; we'll
let's think they mean compiler : I think I would be faster learn C :( 

Thanks for your answers,


Cedric Rossi
From: Steve Polyak
Subject: Re: Lisp AI in a C game
Message-ID: <>
Cedric Rossi wrote:
> I think I would be faster learn C :(

If you end up going the C route, you might want to check out AISEARCH2.
It is a C++ library of common AI algorithms and structures/classes. I
don't have the pointer to it right now, but I am sure Lycos, etc. would
turn it up on a search.