From: roy s giacchino
Subject: Experienced hacker in serious lisp trouble ( HELP !! )
Message-ID: <>

         I am a reasonably experienced programmer that is trying to write 
    a fair sized project in lisp ( ~4000 lines of lisp ). I have written 
    and tested a bunch of little subroutines in lisp and everything seems 
    to work fine. The problem is when I try to integrate all of this 
    together and I try to run it I get lots of core dumps and exceptions. 
    I just tried to run 1 of the main programs that I have, and the 
    interpreter( clisp) just core dumped in the middle of nowhere. I am not 
    sure what I am doing wrong. Results using GCL are simply different. I 
    have tried to compensate by adding calls to check-type everywhere and 
    this has helped me to find a couple of problems, but there is still a 
    basic problem with relability here. My Question is what am I doing wrong ? 
    Does anybody have any advice they can offer before I scrap everything and 
    rewrite this in c++. Thank you very much.

                           -- roy 

    P.S. Is this in the least normal or am I staring down at a hardware problem?