From: Jeff Dalton
Subject: Re: ISO/IEC CD 13816 -- ISLisp
Message-ID: <>
······ (Bruno Haible) writes:

>> on item 5, I get a feeling
>> this language is the victim of yet another silly "industry vs academia"
>> war, and that it is yet another propaganda move.

>Not at all. On the contrary, industry and universities have closely
>cooperated to produce the ISLisp standard draft: Japanese universities
>took part as well as french companies, the university-based Eulisp
>project as well as german companies.

Why do you say EuLisp was university-based?  There was a fair
amount of commercial representation, especially from France and

>> - no concept of fixnums

>Common Lisp doesn't have a "concept" of fixnums either: There is no
>class FIXNUM. Anyway, implementation details like the storage of an integer
>don't need to be specified in a high-level language like Lisp.

There is a fixnum _type_ in Common Lisp.

"Implementation details" often do need to be specified if you
want sufficiently efficient code.

-- jd