From: Clint Hyde
Subject: RE: Seeking Symbolics Genera alternative
Message-ID: <40asek$>
I haven't found X to be quite so hard to work with as Pete implies...

if anyone wants them, I have CLIM versions of PEEK, INSPECT and Window
Debugger.  they are reasonably integrated with each other (i.e., you can
inspect something from either of the other two), but only guaranteed to
work in Allegro.  they are also aimed at Motif, no promises about any
other XWM...they're pretty good.  I used them daily when I was doing
CLIM stuff full-time.

but they're not as easy as LispMs, even now.

and Pete's comments about defsystem are on target--this was and is quite
painful in my recent projects.  I've used a couple of workarounds, but
they're far from ideal (so is make, for that matter).  SCT is better,
perhaps even best, but still not quite perfect (although now I can't
remember what I didn't like four years ago).

 -- clint