From: Jim O'Dell
Subject: New Computer Algebra System
Message-ID: <>
         Fort Pond Research is pleased to announce ALJABR, a computer
algebra program derived from Project MAC's Symbolic Manipulation
System originally developed by the Mathlab Group at M.I.T.'s Laboratory
for Computer Science.  ALJABR is used for performing symbolic as well as
numerical mathematical manipulations.  With ALJABR the user can
differentiate, integrate, take limits, solve systems of linear or polynomial
equations, factor polynomials, expand functions in Laurent or Taylor series,
solve differential equations (using direct or transform methods), compute
Poisson series, plot curves, and manipulate matrices and tensors.
ALJABR has a high level language permitting the user to extend ALJABR
with his own programs for transforming symbolic expressions.
          ALJABR 1.0 is available to Macintosh users for $199.  The 
Macintosh version runs in a 3.5 MB MultiFinder partition and requires 
6 MB of hard disk storage.  The language reference manual will be 
available in the first quarter 1991 (January - March) for $50.  Fort Pond 
Research's ALJABR is interface equivalent to the M.I.T. computer algebra 
program.  For those who have it, the MACSYMA Reference Manual
((c) 1983, Massachusetts Institute of Technology) would be adequate.  
Workstation versions can also be arranged dependent upon market 
demands.  Product support via Internet mail.  60 day money back guarantee.

          To order please send product request and a check for full amount 
(Massachusetts residents add 5% sales tax) to:  

Fort Pond Research
15 Fort Pond Road
Acton, MA  01720

Your further questions or comments are always welcome.

Linda Gardner
Product Development