From: Barry Margolin
Subject: Gatewaying of comp.lang.lisp and ···········
Message-ID: <1991Jan10.000553.17477@Think.COM>
For many years there has been an Internet mailing list for discussion of
Common Lisp; the current address of this list is ···········  This
list was originally used by the Common Lisp designers to communicate
amongst themselves about the language they were developing.  It is now used
by Common Lisp users, and is similar in scope to comp.lang.lisp.  Arun
Welch (····· has volunteered to set up a gateway
between the mailing list and the newsgroup, and I've volunteered to
investigate the desirability of such a gateway.

From comp.lang.lisp readers I'm looking for feedback about the desirability
of such a link.  Currently, the volume of the mailing list is about the
same, or maybe a little larger, than the current volume of the newsgroup.
Many more Common Lisp designers and implementors seem to be on the mailing
list than post to the newsgroup.  I'll be sending a message similar to this
one to the common-lisp mailing list to solicit their input.

I'm also posting this to for advice about whether this gateway
is an OK thing to do.

In either case, I'm basically looking for reasons *not* to do it.  If you
object to the gateway, please *send me mail*.  I don't think it's necessary
to respond if you're in favor; unless I receive good reasons not to do it I
plan on implementing it, probably in about a week.
Barry Margolin, Thinking Machines Corp.