From: Thomson
Subject: Problems compiling Express Windows
Message-ID: <11710@unix.SRI.COM>
I am having problems compiling Express Windows on a Symbolics
running Genera 7.2. Has anyone out there successfully managed
to compile it on a Symbolics?

For those of you who do not know what Express Windows is, ftp
the file express-windows.tar.Z from

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

From: timothy.h.beaman
Subject: Translation to CLOS & CLX
Message-ID: <5497@cbnewsl.ATT.COM>
I am using a co-worker's account to send this.
If possible, please Cc: (by editing the header field)
any responses and/or discussion to:

	I'm investigating a way to translate already existing code
written for a particular CL environment, into a portable
version.  So far, I've heard that CLOS (Common Lisp Object System)
has been approved as a standard by the X3J13 Committee in June 1988,
and that CLX (Common Lisp X Interface) seems likely (if not already)
to be the standard for the windowing system.

	In particular, I'ld like information about
already existing work/ideas/hints/clues on:
  a) guidelines, semi-automated or automated processes
  b) especially on CLX, since I've heard of some work
     done on (FLAVORS -> CLOS) by Symbolics
  c) for Symbolics Genera 7.2, TI/Explorer, and
     Apollo (aka HP) DN-10000; although general
     advice would also be appreciated

(Ye old) Thanx in advance,
Steven D. Gabai
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