From: Gilles Kahn
Subject: Lisp and Functional Programming Conference
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	    URGENT: Deadline for Advance Registration: May 10 1990

		1990 Lisp and Functional Programming

			Advance Program

		   Nice, France, June 27--29, 1990

A conference jointly sponsored by the ACM Special Interest Groups
SIGPLAN, SIGACT and SIGART, in cooperation with SIGSAM. The conference
is organized in  France in cooperation with INRIA.

Tuesday, June 26th

	05:00--06:30 pm Conference Registration
	05:00--06:30 pm Reception

Wednesday, June 27th

09:00--10:30 Session 1: Chaired by Christopher T. Haynes, Indiana University 

Andrew P. Tolmach and Andrew W. Appel, Princeton University
	Debugging Standard ML Without Reverse Engineering
Pavel Curtis, Xerox PARC, and James Rauen, MIT
	A Module System for Scheme
Mark A. Sheldon and David K. Gifford, MIT
	Static Dependent Types for First Class Modules

11:00--12:30 Session 2: Chaired by Pierre-Louis Curien, ENS Paris

Luca Cardelli, DEC SRC, and Giuseppe Longo, University of Pisa and LIENS 
	A Semantic Basis for Quest
V. Breazu-Tannen, C. A. Gunter, A. Scedrov, University of Pennsylvania 
	Computing with Coercions
Philip Wadler, University of Glasgow
	Comprehending Monads

02:00--03:30 Session 3: Chaired by Robert Kessler, University of Utah 

Douglas Johnson, Texas Instruments
	Trap Architectures for Lisp Systems
Benjamin Zorn, Berkeley
	Comparing Mark-and-Sweep and Stop-and-Copy Garbage Collection
Gregor Kiczales, Xerox PARC, and Luis Rodriguez, MIT
	Efficient Method Dispatch in PCL

04:00--06:00 Session 4: Chaired by Hal Abelson, MIT

Chris Hanson, MIT
	Efficient Stack Allocation for Tail-Recursive Languages 
Marc Feeley and James S. Miller, Brandeis University
	A Parallel Virtual Machine for Efficient Scheme Compilation
Clifford Walinsky and Deb Banerjee, Dartmouth College
	A Functional Programming Language Compiler for Massively Parallel Computers
Andrew Berlin, MIT
	Partial Evaluation Applied to Numerical Computation

Thursday, June 28th

09:00--10:30 Session 5: Chaired by Hans-J. Boehm,  Xerox PARC

Olivier Danvy, Indiana University, and Andrzej Filinski, Carnegie-Mellon
	Abstracting Control
Dorai Sitaram and Matthias Felleisen, Rice University
	Reasoning with Continuations II: How to Get Full Abstraction for
        Models of Control
Morry Katz and Daniel Weise, Stanford University
	Continuing Into the Future: On the Interaction of Futures and
        First-Class Continuations

11:00--12:30 Session 6: Chaired by John Foderaro, Franz, Inc.

E. Mohr, Yale University, D. A. Kranz, MIT, and R. H. Halstead Jr., DEC CRL
	Lazy Task Creation: A Technique for Increasing the Granularity of 
        Parallel Programs
Randy B. Osborne, DEC CRL
	Speculative Computation in Multilisp
J.F. Giorgi and D. Le M\'etayer, IRISA/INRIA
	Continuation-Based Parallel Implementation of Functional Programming

02:00--03:30  Session 7: Chaired by Paul Hudak, Yale University

Henry G. Baker, Nimble Computer Corporation
	Unify and Conquer (Garbage, Updating, Aliasing, ...) in Functional
G.L. Burn, Imperial College
	Using Projection Analysis in Compiling Lazy Functional Programs
M. Draghicescu and S. Purushothaman, Pennsylvania State University
	A Compositional Analysis of Evaluation-order and Its Application

04:00--05:30 Session 8: Chaired by Simon Peyton-Jones, University of Glasgow 

Hanne Riis Nielson and Flemming Nielson, Aarhus University
	Context Information for Lazy Code Generation
Charles Consel, Yale University
	Binding Time Analysis for Higher Order Untyped Functional Languages
Laurence Puel, LIENS and DEC PRL, and Ascander Suarez, DEC PRL
	Compiling Pattern Matching by Term Decomposition

Friday, June 29th

08:30--10:00 Session 9: Chaired by Mitchell Wand, Northeastern University 

Carsten K. Gomard, University of Copenhagen
	Partial Type Inference for Untyped Functional Programs
Daniel Leivant, Carnegie Mellon University
	Discrete Polymorphism
Brian T. Howard and John C. Mitchell, Stanford University
	Operational and Axiomatic Semantics of PCF

10:30--12:30 Session 10: Chaired by Ken McAloon, Brooklyn College

John Field and Tim Teitelbaum, Cornell University
	Incremental Reduction in the Lambda Calculus
John Hannan and Dale Miller, University of Pennsylvania
	From Operational Semantics to Abstract Machines: Preliminary Results
	An Abstract Machine for Lambda-Terms Normalization
Gopalan Nadathur and Debra Sue Wilson, Duke University
	A Representation of Lambda Terms Suitable for Operations on their


The 1990 ACM Lisp and Functional Programming Conference will be held
in the Acropolis Convention Center, in Nice, France.
			Palais des Congres
			1, Esplanade Kennedy
			06012 NICE
			Tel. (33) 

Nice has a major  international airport located less than two miles from
the downtown area, with frequent buses. It is possible to fly direct to Nice
from North America and from most capitals in Europe. 

Advance registration for the Conference is highly recommended. If you wish
to receive a latex copy of the conference leaflet, with Registration Form and
Hotel Reservation Form, send a request to ยทยทยทยท