From: Bernd Bachmann AG Richter
Subject: LISP-implemented PROLOG compilers?
Message-ID: <6169@uklirb.UUCP>
Some months ago we asked for nice WAM emulators (and compilers) implemented
in COMMON LISP. We received a very compact emulator but no compiler.
So we still use an undocumented, (too) large WAM emulator+compiler system
for pure PROLOG that can hardly be adapted to our needs.

But there *should* be LISP-implemented compilers for (pure) PROLOG.
Since (optimizing) WAM-code generation is unidirectional, LISP functions
should be even better suited for PROLOG compilation than PROLOG relations. 

For our purpose, the compiler need not be very efficient, but should be
programmed and (hopefully) documented in an more or less pure LISP style.
Since we use LISP syntax for PROLOG, the entire parsing component may
be replaced simply by LISP's READ.

We are mainly looking for public-domain compilers (+ corresponding emulators).
Please send a short description of your LISP-implemented WAM compiler to the
below email address; also specify the requirements and media for sending
the complete LISP source and documentation (we prefer email).

The Kaiserslautern University LISP/PROLOG Project.

Email:   ·······@uklirb.UUCP     - or -     ...!uunet!unido!uklirb!lisplog