From: Douglas P. Katzman
Subject: KCL available for Silicon Graphics IRIS4D (maybe MIPS R2000)
Message-ID: <>
I have a bunch of diffs that make Kyoto Common Lisp run for me
on an IRIS4D/70G.  The compiler, fasloader, and faslinker all work.
The patches take up about 16K uncompressed.   I will give them to anyone 
who sends me a request via email, since our anonymous ftp directory
is 105% full.  Tell me if you want the stuff compressed and uuencoded.
You'll have to get the latest KCL distribution (probably from   A couple comments on the fixes:  

  * Do a "make" in the unixport directory, not the attport
  * Several files are built from scratch; they should be obvious
  * Order of the arguments to "ld" is more critical than for VAXen
    Stripping raw_kcl of local symbols speeds up the fasloader.
    Leave the ld commands as they are unless you know something I don't
  * You get the BSD si:catch-bad-signals function.  I've never gotten a
    bus error with the latest version of my fixes, but I like to put
    (si:catch-bad-signals) in init.lsp to avoid 4 Meg coredumps.
  * The patches might break KCL on any machine besides a mips

Let me know if you have any trouble making KCL.  I don't know how
to make a patch file for Larry Wall's patcher, but if someone will tell
me, I'll do it.

Douglas Katzman