From: Lee Spector
Subject: Franz -> Common Lisp or OPS5 in CL
Message-ID: <18467@mimsy.UUCP>
I've seen (and saved) a posting on this in the past but, alas, I seem to
have lost it.  I need a translator that will allow me to run Franz lisp
code in a Common Lisp environment.  Alternatively, I need a version of
OPS5 that runs in Common Lisp.  I know that there are some pretty hairy
Franz -> CL translation problems (and our code for OPS5 does seem to use
alot of Franz-specific constructs) but I'd appreciate any pointers that 
anyone can provide.  Please respond by email as I think this has already 
received a fair amount of net traffic.  Thanks!
  - Lee Spector  (·······
    University of Maryland