From: goren yoram
Subject: Lisp and X, URGENT!!!
Message-ID: <946@bimacs.BITNET>
Do you know of a link between X and LISP?
I mean not just the clx, but the full functionality (including widgets etc.).
Preferably for Common LISP, of LUCID, on HP, but on other machines will also
be good.


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From: Jorge Gautier
Subject: Re: Lisp and X, URGENT!!!
Message-ID: <6950010@hpfclp.SDE.HP.COM>
If you are using version 2.1 or 2.15 you can use the foreign function
interface to link and run compiled C functions from library or object
files.  However these versions do not support full type conversions
between Lisp and C, so you might have to write some intermediate C
functions that can communicate with Lisp and then create the right
X objects and call the X routines.

Jorge Gautier