From: Marion Hakanson
Subject: Need Common LISP for Atari ST
Message-ID: <1597@orstcs.CS.ORST.EDU>
Please send me pointers to and/or reviews of Common LISP systems
available for the Atari ST.  Particular attention to details such as
compilers, debuggers, and development environments (incl. editors,
GEM/mouse/graphics interface, etc.) would be appreciated.  I am
also interested in linking foreign routines (e.g. C), and possibly
in non-Common LISP systems, as well.

Something on the order of Allegro CL on the Mac, but for the ST,
would be really wonderful.  Coral Software doesn't seem interested
in building it for anything other than the Mac, though.

BTW, you may not want to trust the return address in the headers
above.  If it fails, try the one(s) in my signature below.

Again, please reply directly to me, and not to the entire net.
If I learn anything, I will summarize to the net.  Thanks.

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